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New global player is taking green tech-nologies to a higher level

A green profile is a must for many businesses due to increasing taxes and more expensive energy prices. But it isn’t hard to find your way through the jungle of offers within clean technology. GreenMaq provides know-how, expertise and the right products - at reasonable prices around the world.

Klimadan and Aumada Energy & Technologies have combined our various strengths in GreenMaq; a single globalised company, which can ensure that you receive the right advice, the solution that meets your needs, the world’s best quality and, not least, competitive prices.

GreenMaq gives you the best clean techno-logy products from Asia and Scandinavia. The company is a joint venture, intended to create synergies between the Danish Klimadan and Aumada Energy & Technologies from Malaysia. GreenMaq makes it possible for us to take advantage on Nordic knowledge about clean technology, as well as our close network of strong European suppliers. At the same time, thanks to our Asian network, we have a very broad spectrum of products and the opportunity to enter into good agreements with the Asian suppliers with whom we have close contact.

This means that regardless of whether you need a heat pump system, solar heat, solar power cells, automation solutions, automatic control technology or other clean technology solutions, GreenMaq can deliver what you need. And with its headquarters in both Scandinavia and Asia, we are always close to you. With GreenMaq the opportunities for a green profile are infinite.

A joint venture

The GreenMaq A/S equal joint venture between KLIMADAN A/S and AUMADA Energy & Technologies has its headquarters in Ikast, Denmark.

AUMADA Energy & Technologies Sdn. Bhd.,, is a leading supplier in South-East Asia of energy-saving solutions with heat pumps, solar heaters, energy monitoring and photovoltaic systems. AUMADA has its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and is headed by Mr. Peter Jakobsen, Managing Director.

KLIMADAN A/S is a leading supplier of heat pumps and solar heating to domestic, agricultural and industrial segments in Europe, and has its headquarters in Ikast Denmark headed by CEO Søren N. Andersen.

Slurry heat recovery
Slurry heat recovery

Your pen is a treasure trove of surplus heat. In efficient, modern piggery, it is important to ensure high productivity while focusing on minimising operations costs by heating your pens with GreenMaq heat pump solution.

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Heat pumps, solar heat and solar power are just some of the cleantech products offered by GreenMaq.

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