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Slurry Heat Recovery

Slurry Heat Recovery

Heat recovery using a heat pump

In efficient, modern piggery, it is important to en-sure high productivity while focusing on minimising operations costs. A good indoor climate in the pens helps to increase productivity and thus increase your profits. By heating your pens with GreenMaq heat pump solutions, you have the opportunity to create the optimum climate in your pens.

Our solutions are based on recovering excess heat from the slurry under the pens. By recovering heat, we can reduce heating costs without compromising the pen climate. In addition to being a sound investment, the slurry cooling environment benefits several areas. When the slurry is cooled, ammonia emissions from the pens are reduced - this results in a better indoor climate in the piggery, while the environmental impact is reduced. In addition, slurry cooling is an environmentally friendly form of heating, which lowers carbon dioxide emissions significantly, compared to other types of heating, such as oil, coal and other fossil fuels.


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