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Projekt: Scandinavian Farms

Scandinavian Farms

Slurry Heat Recovery system

  • 2500 sows with full production
  • heating in weaner sections
  • heating farrowing sections
  • heating in administration building

Annual Nett heat demand is calculated to 620.000 kWh (73.000 L fuel oil)

Energy costs:

Fuel oil:  (620.000 kWh x 1.00 RMB/kWh) = 620,000 RMB per year
Coal:  (620.000 kWh x 0,19 RMB/kWh) = 118,000 RMB per year
Heat pump:  (620.000 kWh x 0,10 RMB/kWh) = 62.000 RMB per year

Type:Slurry Heat Recovery
Location:Guanyun Country China
Energy saving (kWh):1860000
Financial savings (per year):1674
Heated area:2.500 sows
The EFP:3